Walkinshaw Performance Amarok 680 Power-Up

Amarok 680 Power-Up

The Walkinshaw 680 kit provides a new level of power and torque.

Peak torque is now 680Nm and the torque is increased over a wide range of engine operations. Walkinshaw engineers have used their years of experience developing the best drivers’ cars to re-map the part throttle engine power delivery and transmission shift points. Using Victoria’s unique alpine region as our test roads, these upgrades provided greatly improved driving dynamics.

Special attention was paid to towing performance, ensuring that the increased power and towing capability is maintained even under the harshest Australian conditions, and that the increased power did not compromise powertrain cooling.

All these improvements were achieved with no loss of fuel economy or reduction in emissions performance vs the standard W580 as tested on the Euro5 emissions cycle.

0-100km/h Performance has improved from 8.5 sec to 7.8sec.

Applicable Vehicle(s) Volkswagen Amarok W580

*The Walkinshaw Performance 680 engine calibration is not linked to, or part of the VW W580 program.

Walkinshaw Performance Amarok 680 Power-Up
Walkinshaw Performance Amarok 680 Power-Up

Package Contents

  • Walkinshaw Performance Engine Calibration
  • Walkinshaw Performance 680 Decal Kit
  • Walkinshaw Performance Driveline Warranty (Balance of manufacturer’s warranty up to 3 years or 100,00km whichever occurs first)
  • Walkinshaw Performance Appreciation Pack

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