4,500kg and 8,000kg 5th Wheel Hitches

Exclusive to Walkinshaw Performance.

A 5th Wheel hitch for any situation. With our ADR compliant 4.5 tonne and 8.0 tonne products there is a solution for you.

  • Codesigned, engineered and tested by our own WP engineers and CURT, the OE supplier to General Motors North America for tow accessories, this is an absolute game changer. Delivering improved safety and increased stability, along with a foolproof coupling experience, this is your must have towing accessory.
  • Eliminates porposing of the towing vehicle. Distributes the weight over the rear chassis rails as opposed to loading/ leveraging the tow bar, this in turn improves vehicles stability when towing.
  • We have both 4,500kg and 8,000kg solutions
  • Both kits are supplied with the interfacing quicklock puck, ready to be welded into a custom chassis structure*
  • Quick release, toolless mechanism for a flat bed when not in use
  • Hitches are fully ADR62 compliant

*See your local state for your vehicle and trailer licensing requirements. Certification required for chassis structure.

Applicable Vehicle(s) Cab chassis vehicles
Tub/tray back vehicles
Walkinshaw Performance 4,500kg & 8,000kg 5th Wheel Hitches
Walkinshaw Performance Silverado 4,500kg & 8,000kg 5th Wheel Hitches

Package Contents

  • 8000HD 5th wheel hitch with toolless quicklock attachment
  • ADR62 compliant up to 8,000 kg towing and up to 12,474kg GCM
  • 4500LD 5th wheel hitch with toolless quicklock attachment
  • ADR62 compliant up to 4,500kg towing and up to 8,250kg GCM

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