Silverado 1500 Tuned Dampers

The Walkinshaw performance dampers are Australian designed, manufactured and validated.

The factory spring rates and ride height have been maintained and complimented using 35mm MTV dampers.

They have been developed and tuned by WP engineers to improve/compliment the Silverado 1500 in the following aspects.

  • Improve the trucks on road handling with improved steering feel and feedback without compromising the trucks comfort and luxury
  • Improve towing stability and tracking when hauling heavy loads

A 14000 km lap of Australia was performed covering some of the harshest terrain, including the Birdsville track, the Gibb river road, Ooodnadatta track, Flinders rangers etc. to fine tune and validate the hardware. This included towing a 4 tonne caravan to ensure that stability, comfort and driving satisfaction were always the top priority.

The Walkinshaw damper tune has been developed for the customer who enjoys the drive and appreciates the connection to the road.

Applicable Vehicle(s) Chevrolet Silverado 1500 models remanufactured by HSV
Walkinshaw Performance 1500 Tuned Dampers

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